Most. Rev Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas
Bishop of Simla- Chandhigarh
Chairman NST for SCCs in India

Fr. Thomas Vijay SAC
Secretary NST for SCCs in India

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I am very happy to invite you to The SCC National Convention 2013, the concluding event of the year of Faith in India, organized by NST for SCCs (CBCI), at Old Goa from November 18th to 22nd 2013. The event will bring together the Bishop and 20 SCC animators from all the dioceses of India to live in the SCCs of Goa.

Vision & Mission

A communion of communities built on the Word of God and Eucharist, leading to life in abundance for all in the context of India.

We commit to establish, empower and sustain Small Christian Communities, networking for transformation of society.

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