Most. Rev Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas
Bishop of Simla- Chandhigarh
Chairman NST for SCCs in India

Fr. Thomas Vijay SAC
Secretary NST for SCCs in India

  • SCCs decentralize and organize the parish community, to which they always remain united RM51
  • "The community of believers were of one heart and one mind.” Acts 4:32
  • SCC are the most local incarnation of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. ASIPA Nov.8,2006
  • SCC a "home and family for everyone"- FABC5 Bandung 1990, art 8 and FC, art 83
  • SCCs,"a force for evangelization, ... a great hope for the Church" John Paul, II RM,51



The most central aspect of Jesus' teaching;

the "deep sea of humanity" resonates

with the realities

of love, compassion, growth

and being neighbor.

"What Jesus would do?”

"How Jesus would do it?”

is always  the best guide for us.

Vision & Mission

A communion of communities built on the Word of God and Eucharist, leading to life in abundance for all in the context of India.

We commit to establish, empower and sustain Small Christian Communities, networking for transformation of society.

News & events