SCC stories

(North East) Marbisu Parish- Testimony of Mr. Osmond Valerian Sun:

I am Mr. Osmond Valerian Sun, husband of Mrs. Sweety Kharkongor, son of Mrs. Resina Sun and (Late) R. Habubit Suting. My place is from Laitpynter Synrangkaban Parish U Khrist Jingshai Marbisu. I have 2 children.

The testimony I wanted to share with you all is that how God healed me through the prayers of the SCC members from Mawphlang Village of Marbisu Parish under the leadership of the local church lay leader and Mrs. Wiat Rapthap. This group came to pray for me when I met with a very serious accident in GS Road as I was travelling down to Guwahati. Together with me there were other three friends but only me and the driver were injured. The accident took place on July 26, 2009 at 2.00pm., where in this accident; all my bones and muscles of the right hand and left leg were broken.

As they rushed me to the Nazareth Hospital in Shillong on the same day, the operation took place from 4.15pm to 11.45pm Thursday night. Dr. Phanbuh who operated me said, it takes not less than 8 hours to complete the operation. I was unconscious from 29th onwards till Friday July 31st. I was conscious again only at 3.00 pm July 31st as the above SCC members as I mentioned came to me with the recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which took place at 3 oclock sharp. After the prayers they   massaged me with some holy oil. Immediately after this I came to my consciousness, I gained the power to get up and sat down; I started to talk and to eat. From that day onwards till today I am again normal as usual, I am able to walk and to continue my duty as it used to be. I thank the SCC members of Mawphlang Village, and I praised and thank Jesus for He worked wonders in my life through this simple community.