SCC Regional Council West Bengal/ Sikkim

Vision for SCC :

All Christians in West Bengal and Sikkim region be rooted in the Faith and the Word of God for witnessing to the Gospel.

Mission :

Establishment of vibrant SCCs in every parish in the region as the New Way of Being Church by invigorating suitable animators at the parish level

Objectives :

  1. To proclaim and make the Word of God the CENTRE of our life and of every family

  2. To make every diocese a communion of communities wherein the laity, religious and priests live as sisters and brothers in the Church

  3. To Sustain SCCs through deeper faith in God among all Christians to proclaim the love of Christ

  4. To Coordinate all the Commissions in the dioceses through SCC to form a New Way of Being Church in the region

  5. To form SCC resource team in every diocese and empower them for sustainability of SCC in every parish

  6. To facilitate the laity to be aware that they are the part of the Body of Christ by training them for various ministries within the Church

  7. To make SCCs the main operational structure of the parish and the Diocesan Pastoral Council

  8. to enable SCCs to be agents of social change in society through proactive values

  9. To empower the SCCs to be agents for Evangelization

  10. To strengthen SCCs to reach out to the people of other faiths by forming Basic Neighbourhood Humane Communities

Rev. I.P. Sarto, Regional Secretary, 2012

PICTURE: Regional Animation team members Dec. 3, 2012